Tandemonium 2.0 6/5/11

9 06 2011


Charles Loves Evolution Meds

20 04 2011

Aw sweeeeeet


3 11 2010

I have more that will be put up later and facebook too!

Im back!

5 09 2010

I write this waiting from the lovely Jetblue Terminal at JFK reporting my arrival back in Colorado after a summer hiatus. I will be resuming work on the 7th and my New York edits will be up a.s.a.p!

CNS drift Day 5/16

19 05 2010

Some snaps from an awesome day’s event. Very cool stuff. The rest can be found here and here.

Brandons New Tattoo

22 04 2010

Homie got inked on 420 up until around 4:20 haha, guy didnt even flinch!

New poster

20 04 2010

This is something I whipped up for A local dispensery Evolution medical services. A nice Black and white printer/copier friendly poster.

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